Installing Home Entertainment Center

Even though I am a sometimes writer, I have resisted starting a blog for several reasons. Would I have anything worthwhile to say? Would anybody want to read it even if it was interesting? Would I feel guilty if I didn’t write something on a fairly regular basis? Shouldn’t I be working on my book instead or playing with my kids? (No wait, I’m OK on that one…the kids are grown, mostly moved out of the house, and likely would report me if I tried to play with them). So…why not submit the rest of the world to what my wife and family has put up with for the last thirty years or so.

Home Entertainment:

First of all, who writes the instructions for this stuff? Whatever happened to right channel, left channel? I know…it has evolved to 7.1 surround, Dolby 3, THX certified, and/or DTS-HD, blow you out of your seat from all around. And what about those plugs? Remember the bare wire you stripped yourself with a tool from Radio Shack that you laid on the carpet and hid behind the couch (except for the section that sticks out, so the wife trips on it, and rips the tips out of the speaker every frickin’ time!). Now we have HDMI, and/or 18 gauge gold plated wire with RCA plugs, or banana plugs or wireless speakers that whiz the sound from the receiver to the speaker with no wire. TVs have morphed from huge behemoths that took up half the family room to an inch thick screen you hang over the fireplace and costs more than your first car. I don’t know about you, but I can’t trust any TV that weighs less than I do. Blue Ray has replaced DVD which replaced VHS…so now I have three copies of the original Superman movie (and 100 or more other titles).

I recently upgraded all my stuff (since I originally bought it back when Jimmy Carter was in office). I couldn’t even give the old stuff away, even on Craig’s List, the poor man’s Wal-Mart. Nobody wanted it. I’d get calls like, “What is a reel-to-reel tape deck and I never heard of TEAC.” Several thousand dollars poorer, with my family room full of boxes and Styrofoam peanuts and plastic bubbles, I spent seven hours wearing out two pairs of reading glasses trying to figure out what went where and why, while the neighbor kid kept popping those plastic bubbles until it sounded like a Champagne factory gone bad.

My wife stopped me from beating my head against the wall just before a second lump started to form, marched me over to the phone, and less than a day later, thanks to the Geek Squad, I was thrown into the 21st century, watching Bruce Willis Die Hard in glorious 1080-i HD true surround sound so realistic the neighbors called the police, who surrounded the house and demanded we release the hostages.

Home Entertainment…you won’t want to stay home without it (and no sticky floors)…rich

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