Making Out Your Bucket List

The purpose of a bucket list is to write down all those things you have left to do before you bite the bullet, sell the farm, cash in your chips, dance with the reaper, enter the pearly gates, put pennies on your eyes, take your final breath…you get the idea. Seems like a simple concept at first glance, but before you write down 1. Have my way with Kim Kardashian…there are some preliminary steps you need to take.

On the Great Wall in China

Reality or Fantasy

Decide if you are serious about the process. Do you want a set of reachable goals or things you would ask the genie after you rub the brass lamp that you discovered sticking out of the sand. Unless you are Prince Charles, odds are slim that you will become King of England. If you are afraid of water, I would not bet on you to complete an English Channel swim. Learn to swim? Read a new book every week? That’s doable. If the list is just for fun…go wild, use your imagination, become the next Brad Pitt or Madam Curie.

On the Set of Wanderlust, starring Jennifer Aniston

What’s My Age Again?

Time is your friend if the list is aggressive.  If you are 85, winning the New York Marathon is likely out. Finishing a 5K would be better goal. Same goes for visiting a hundred countries, or all 50 states (unless you’ve been everywhere already, except Tuvalu). If you really want to get all your items done before the big sleep, make sure you have enough time.

Set a schedule.

Only the Brave

Are you a daredevil or imagine you could be?  Do you want to run with the bulls, jump from a plane, swim with the sharks, or risk all your savings on red 7? If so, go for it.  It’s your list.  If your idea of risky is staying up past 11 pm on a work night, you might want to reconsider scaling the north face of the Matterhorn.

Performing With 60s Rock Group, Big Bertha

She Works Hard For the Money

A bucket list comes with a price tag. If you are not in that Republican top 1% club, temper your picks with a budget. Set priorities. How important is it you complete your list or at least make a major dent?

My First Novel

Moment of Truth

Okay. Let’s do it. Write down your top ten goals. What do you really want to accomplish? Get a promotion or be the company CEO? Visit a natural history museum or go on an archaeological dig? Be specific. The more detailed your goal, the easier it will be to know when you’ve done it. The great thing is you can always change your mind. Upgrade or replace a task. Finish a list and make another. No extra charge. Your reward is the satisfaction of accomplishment as you check off or strike out a task.

My List

Feel free to steal…

1. Walk on the Great Wall of China

2. Play/Sing in a Rock Band

3. Dive the Great Barrier Reef

4. Write/Publish a Novel

5. Become a Millionaire

6. Appear in a Hollywood Movie

7. Go on an African Safari

8. Visit all Fifty States

9. Record an Album of Original Music

10. Lose 45 Pounds

I’ve got a pretty good start on my list because I made it a priority. What will you do?

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