Hollywood Remakes – Suggested List

In keeping with the Hollywood tradition of retreading movies, such as Spiderman, Superman, Batman, 21 Jump Street, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Star is Born, I have put together a list of one sentence pitches I know would be a big hit and make me a millionaire.

hollywood sign

Dear Producers, for your consideration, and financial support:

MOBY DICK  A classic tale of a woman passionately searching waterfront bars to capture the infamous Great White Willie (but coming up short).

ROOTS  One man’s relentless journey to uncover his girlfriend’s original hair color.

SEARCH FOR FIRE  Smoking bans spawn a new nomadic tribe that roam the earth looking for a legal place to light up.

HOME ALONE  Precocious boy returns from school to discover family has cleaned out everything and disappeared. Battle ensues, as the young man defends his home from a pair of creepy bankers trying to repossess the house for an upside down mortgage.

AFRICAN QUEEN  Ethiopian woman after winning a competitive singing show turns out to be a man, is disqualified, and deported.

Well, that’s enough for now…don’t want to confuse you.  Let me know if you want more ideas, I’ve got a million of them (TAIL OF TWO CITIES Hooker flies back and forth between London and Paris). You can contact me through WordPress.com when you want me to start writing the script.


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