Writing Procrastination & Priorities

I can’t believe I haven’t written anything since March and it is already the end of July. Where does the time go? Here I am, retired from my 9-5 job, supposedly with all the time in the world, and I am still behind. It’s true, you know. You are more efficient when you have a lot to do–balancing work, family, sports, relaxation music, relationships, and so forth.

I like to write, I really do. But I also like to act, play music with my band, Revolution Road, watch movies/TV, play catch with the dog, eat, read, exercise, play golf, sleep…you know the list. Part of my avoidance of writing is the frustration of finding an audience. True, creating something on the page should be its own reward, but like I said on Twitter, what good is having an opinion, if you can’t share it on your social networks.

I published my first book, “Drafted” in 2004–eight years ago! Since then I have written another novel “Party Favors,” a half hour TV pilot, and started a 3rd novel, “Crater Lake” that sit on my computer, because I can’t get them published/produced. For unless you self-publish a book (paper & electronic), it is unbelievably hard to get someone to look at your manuscript. So while I enjoy the writing, and the creative process, the business aspect gets me down/discouraged. When I contemplate how to spend the next 24 hours, and writing bubbles up to the top of the list…I hesitate…and too often skip to the next item. Does this happen to you?

Resolve: return writing to its proper level of joy and forget about the end product and who may see it or not. Write it and they will come.

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