A Day in the Life

Remember when Orwell showed us the future in 1984 and Kubrick in 2001? Didn’t quite turn out that way.  Still no flying cars. So, here we are in 2014 and we really haven’t changed that much…or have we?

As I look back on my days on this earth, I have seen quite a few major milestones.

My first President was FDR…there have been twelve more since then including Obama. I have voted in every election since I became eligible at 18.

Born at the end of WWII, the US has been in 14 wars since then, including Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, and Iraq. I was drafted in 1968, served as a 1st Lt. in the Signal Corp, after getting my commission at Infantry OCS in Columbus, GA. We trained with South Vietnamese officers and all six of our TAC training officers died in Vietnam. I survived and even wrote a book about it (Drafted by Rich Allan).

 Best Picture in 1946 was “The Best Years of Our Lives.”  Last year was Argo (which I got to be in briefly).

My time here so far includes first TV in the home (B&W at first, then color, then HDTV, then 3D), starting with a round 12 inch screen in a huge chassis, to a 65 inch flat screen. Sound migrated from mono to 7.1 surround DTS. Also saw the birth of personal computers in 1977, cell phones in 1973, and the video arcade game in 1971…home video in 1975 (pong) which is now full graphics, sound & story.

A car in 1946 cost $1400 and it was a big deal to own one; today most families have at least two cars or trucks and pay $30,000 each.  Cars came standard with a shifter, now you have to pay extra. Gasoline was a few cents a gallon; now over $4.00?

Drivers brought bread and milk to your door, but you had to pick up pizza.

What else has come along in the last 65 years? Here are the highlights: Tupperware, credit cards, disposable diapers, supersonic aircraft, windsurfing, transistor, hand dryers, Frisbee, air sickness bag, crash test dummies, leaf blowers, Aerosol paint, portable ice chest, wet suit, air bag, artificial heart, WD-40, Wiffle ball, zipper storage bags, automatic sliding doors, radar gun, nuclear submarine, video tape, DVD, Blu-ray, laser, sugar packet, satellites, space shuttle, landing on the moon, mission to Mars, seat belts, child safety seat, artificial turf, Microsoft, Bill Gates, oral contraception, MTV, computer mouse, windows OS, buffalo wings, cassettes, 8-tracks, CD’s, iPods, cloud storage, hard disks, cable TV, Satellite TV, snowboarding, hand-held calculator, digital cameras, racquetball, wide body jets,  email (1971), Facebook, Twitter, twerking, hash tags, American Idol, GPS, voicemail, post-it, Internet, tilt & roll luggage, DNA, and Segway.

Not sure what the future will bring (Star Wars or Star Trek or Blade Runner), but try to imagine your life today without some of the people/items above.

Happy 2014!

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