Star Wars: The Musical

Now that Disney has the rights to all future Star Wars movies, can the time be far off when we read in the trades all about Star Wars: The Musical. Now I believe in being prepared for future opportunities, so I have begun writing songs to submit to John Williams who will undoubtedly be selected to do the score.

Here is my first composition, “‘Cause He’s a Wookie,” sung to the 1928 melody, “Makin’ Whoopee!” (Google the tune if you don’t know it). Let me know what you think.


Kind of hairy, Kind of tall, Make him mad, throws you against the wall, His buddy’s Han, they’ve got a bond, ’cause he’s a wookie.

As a baby, took lots of talcum, now he’s co-pilot, of the Millennium Falcon, Flying through space, with that shaggy face, ’cause he’s a wookie.

Picture a planet of tree houses, Wookies high in the air, Picture Yoda recruiting, The Empire had best beware.

He’s friends with Luke, Princess Leia too, Obi-Wan Kenobi, once took him to a zoo, Storm Troopers get out of his way, day after day, ’cause he’s a wookie.

Mind tends to wander, not too smart,  but strong enough, to tear the arms off a Gundark, He’ll call you later, grunt when he’s found Vader, ’cause he’s a wookie.

Don’t need no light saber, or a blaster, when rescuing Solo, from another disaster, even when encased in carbon, or locked in a prison yardom, ’cause he’s a wookie.

Owes Jabba lots of money, Plays chess like a pro, Thinks Jar Jar talks kind of funny, Always on the go.

Heard at the premiere, stole Fisher’s brassiere, costume hasn’t been cleaned, for 40 years, no wonder no one, wanted to sit near, ’cause he’s a wookie.

Palpatine, treats him mean, Emperor tried, to eat his spleen, Lucas says he’s fine, but won’t give him a line, ’cause he’s a wookie.

Yes, his future’s bleary, and he’s getting weary, of being a wookie…

*  *  *

Richard Allan Jones is the author of the comic adventure novel, “Drafted,” now available at

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