Born in the USA

pregnantRead a story in the L.A. Times about a company that charges pregnant women in China a huge fee (starting at $38,000) to obtain travel visas to the United States, flies them to L.A., and then puts them up in a hotel until they have the baby, automatically making the child a U.S. citizen. Add that to the hundreds of parents who trudge their way across the border, walking here from as far way as Mexico, Central & even South America, so their children born here can have a better life. How many others arrive at our borders giving up everything they know to get here with the clothes on their back and maybe a few dollars in their pockets (Cuba, Vietnam, Russia, etc.)

What hardships did I go through to get here? What did I give up? Nothing, I was born here.

I don’t consider myself a wildly patriotic person, although I did serve in the Army during the Vietnam War. But, how easy is it for most of us to take living here for granted? Even the harshest critics of this country have to realize they likely couldn’t do that (at least more than once) in any other country.

Not recommending you immediately start running up & down the street in front of your home, waving the flag, and singing “Born in the USA”…but maybe take a moment, realize how lucky we are as citizens, and the next time somebody or something in the government really makes you mad  (like Obama Care)…cut them some slack, and consider what others went through to get here.

*  *  *

Richard Allan Jones is the author of the comedy adventure novel, DRAFTED, available at & the upcoming novel, IDENTITY CHECK.

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