New Watch for Seniors

watchI always wanted to be an inventor. Finally I have come up with an idea that is bound to make me a fortune.

As you get older and eventually retire, most folks develop what I call “Some-timer’s Disease,” a common ailment where “some times” you remember, and “some times” you forget. Could be a birthday, an anniversary, or to put on your pants before you walk outside for the newspaper…you know, stuff like that.

So, wouldn’t it be handy to have a gadget to remind you of all those things?

I know you can program your cell phone for reminders–but not every senior carries a smart phone or any cell phone for that matter. But they do wear a watch. And as you get older, you have less and less need for the second hand, the minute hand, the hour hand, or to know what time it is in Bangkok (well, maybe the second hand to track how long it’s been since your heart stopped).

But the day and the date are more important than ever.  You could have a short message appear: Monday: Take trash to the curb/nap; Tuesday: Take your heart pill/nap; Wednesday: Go to the grocery/nap; Thursday: Poker night!; Friday: Go to the mailbox for a week’s worth of ads and throw them away/really long nap; Saturday: pay the neighbor kid to mow the lawn/nap; and Sunday: Go to church and lay the groundwork for a successful entry into heaven/cut coupons out of the newspaper.

You would only have to enter the important dates once (if you can find where you originally wrote them down); such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries & mahjong tournaments. Special occasions could be marked in flashing red, like Social Security check deposited every 10th of the month, or “HAVE SEX” FEB. 29th!!!

So, what do you think? Is this a great idea, or what? Any suggestions on where I could get funding and find the technical expertise to develop this watch?

Excuse me? Apple has already created such a watch? A mini-computer on your wrist? Makes video phone calls like Dick Tracy? It monitors your heartbeat too? Only a couple hundred dollars?

Oh well, back to writing it down, and sticking the note in my pants. That should work, unless, of course, I forget to put them on.

*   *   *

Richard Allan Jones is the author of “Drafted,” a comic/adventure novel, and the upcoming “Identity Check.”  richallan-300dpi-3125x4167 - Copy

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