Road Trip 2015: Death Valley

DSC01506September 8, 2015: This was our second visit to Death Valley, and we expected it to be hot, but last time we went in November…and did not anticipate record temperatures of 114 degrees. Surface of the sun hot.

Several ways to approach the park from Los Angeles, but we choose to come up the valley on the 178 to avoid the s curve road through the mountains. Our destination was Stovepipe Wells and a motel/restaurant/saloon/general store located in the center of the park.

DSC01508You are off the grid at this place, no cell phone service or Wi-fi. OK if traveling with pets; very accommodating, but expensive ($187/night) for a one star.

We had planned to drive thru Titus Canyon (there is a ghost town on the drive) that we missed the first visit, but you need a 4-wheel drive vehicle to negotiate. Another canyon, Mosaic, was on the agenda to be hiked, but the heat prohibited any hiking past 10 am.IMG_1047

To top it off, the motel had a bug infestation…tiny little things, but lots of them, crawling over everything in the room. We decided to check out a day early and head for Ely, Nevada, after stopping at the dunes, a mile or two from the motel. Caught a pronghorn on camera on the way out of the valley.IMG_4310

IMG_4290 (2)



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Rich Allan is the author of Drafted and Identity Check

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