Road Trip 2015: Craters of the Moon

We headed north out of Ely, Nevada, stopping first at McGill to peek in the window of a classic former working drug store that has now become a museum. McGill only has a handful of people left living there with a ton of abandoned buildings.DSC01617 (2)IMG_4424 (2)


SR 93 is another lonely road with three of four tiny farm towns all the way to the Idaho border. Towns with names like Currie, Wells and Contact. My favorite, right before the state line, was Jackpot, consisting of several casinos and two gas stations.

Our overnight destination was Twin Falls, Idaho, just a whistle-stop, with nothing particular to see, or so we thought. IMG_4438

Turns out there is a giant bridge on the edge of town, spanning a deep canyon carved out years ago by the Snake River. The bridge is so high, people come from miles around to free base jump from it, because no permit is required here. IMG_4433 (2)

DSC01640 (2)Also, since the town is called Twin Falls, we figured there had to be a waterfall somewhere nearby, and there was.  In fact they call it the “Niagara of the West.” Unfortunately, the falls is controlled by a dam to generate power, and with the drought, only a small portion of the water flow was being released. In the spring, the entire span in this picture is covered in water.DSC01652 (2)

We headed out north again to a really cool national monument called “Craters of the Moon.”IMG_4471 (2)

At one point in our ancient history, the entire area consisted of many massive active volcanoes and now there are miles and miles of lava beds, lava tubes, calderas, cone formations, and lava vents, creating a fascinating and eerie landscape.IMG_4497 (2)DSC01672 (2)

Next up:  Yellowstone

*   *  *

Richard Allan Jones is the author of “Drafted” an adventure/comedy and “Identity Check,” a political thriller, soon to be released.

richallan-300dpi-3125x4167 - Copy drafted_cover.4

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