Road Trip 2015: Yellowstone

IMG_4586 (2)One of this countries greatest national parks & the first, Yellowstone has been a 3,500-sq.-mile wilderness protected area in Wyoming (and parts of Montana & Idaho) since 1872. The park sits on a volcanic hot spot symbolized by the famous spouting geyser, “Old Faithful.”IMG_4650 (2)

This was our second visit, so we spent a couple of days going to parts we hadn’t seen before. Even in September, the park is crowded and you might have trouble finding a parking spot in the most popular attractions. We stayed in West Yellowstone, just outside the west entrance and a much easier drive into the park that if you stay in Cody and come in the mountainous east entrance.IMG_4621 (2)

Our favorite part of visiting Yellowstone is the animals. Buffalo are everywhere,DSC01750 (2) sometimes in a distant meadow, sometime right next to the road, sometimes strolling right down the road at a leisurely pace, with a long line of cars right behind.IMG_4617 (2) IMG_4601

Elk are a little harder to spot, IMG_4670 (2)although they normally travel in herds, with one or two bulls, a female harem & little ones here and there.IMG_4589 (2)

You almost never see grizzlies or wolves in the populated areas or campgrounds, but just in case, they sell bear spray in the stores and have posted signs to stay at least 100 feet away from any wildlife.IMG_4553 (2)DSC01718 (2)

Bull Buffalo and elk can weight up to 2000 pounds.IMG_4576 (2)

Lots of hot springs in Yellowstone and the smell of sulfur from the deep underground magma that causes all the activity.IMG_4666 (2)DSC01729 (2)DSC01732 (2)

IMG_4633 (2)

DSC01746 (2)

IMG_4534 (2)

Also many beautiful waterfalls. DSC01745

DSC01748 (2)IMG_4520 (2)Hope you enjoy the photos we shot…DSC01757 (2)IMG_4579 (2)

*  *  *


Richard Allan Jones is the author of “Drafted,” a comic adventure of a college student drafted into the Army during Vietnam.

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