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Identity Check Reader Reviews

 “5.0 out of 5 stars…”

“Although the plot contains many harrowing moments, the relationship between Scott and Jessie adds a sense of romance and comic relief. Jessie is quite a brash young woman; some of her comments make the reader laugh out loud! Author Rich Allan has written an engaging and thrilling novel in Identity Check. It is a perfect read.”   — Deborah Lloyd 

“There is suspense, murder, love, friendship and so much action happening on every page, it is impossible to stop reading. Identity Check is everything you could want in a mystery, thriller, and suspense read. Rich Allan has created real-life characters that I found impossible not to love or hate. The action kept me on the edge of my seat. This is a must-read book and I suggest you put this one on your reading list today.”  — Trudi LoPreto

“In a nicely controlled unfolding of the plot and the characters in Identity Check, Rich Allan weaves humor, romance, suspense and surprising twists, where the characters, even the murderer himself, are realistic, and Scott and his loving, somewhat zany girlfriend, Jessie, find themselves escaping death by the skin of their teeth. You won’t be able to put the book down until you find out the surprise ending. Identity Check is a compelling read from start to finish. Enjoy!”   — Viga Boland

Everyone connected to President Walter Kendall is getting murdered but why? Identity Check by Rich Allan is a chilling thriller that immediately starts off with suspense, murder, and intrigue. Identity Check would be an ideal movie script because the storyline is built with intrigue, mystery, and suspense. Pick up your copy today.”  — Vernita Naylor

“Parts of the character interaction here is LOL – funny, while at the same time providing momentary respite from the steadily-building tension.”  — Author You “Draft to Dream” Competition Finalist.

“The opening exposition is well done…pretty potent action…the details are very well done. You have a sharp eye. Whew! Quite a story…your prose has a good flow to it, and your dialogues are realistic and natural…All in all, a good story.”   — Writer’s Digest – Independent Book Competition

“I thoroughly enjoyed this thriller by Rich Allan. Why did Scott’s mother lie to him his whole life? Will our young couple live to tell their tale? Read it and find out!”  — Barbara Henderson

 “This book is a page turner and I couldn’t put it down. Rich Allan is an exceptional writer and given the state of politics and Washington today this book comes at the perfect time. Thrilling, suspenseful and it kept me intrigued and excited about how it would all turn out. Loved it and highly recommend it…next stop screenplay for movie!!!!”  — Amazon Customer

“Wow! What an adventure. This author does a great job describing his scenes and people. It’s like you are there.” – Dusty Crickets

 It had me on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t put it down once I started reading it. I will definitely recommend Identity Check to my friends and will share on Facebook. It kept me in suspense from beginning to end. I think it would make a great movie. Anyone that enjoys a good mystery will love it! Well done!”  — Joe S.

See what all the fuss is about…”Identity Check” by Rich Allan in paperback $9.95 and Kindle $2.95. Reviews & comments are welcomed!


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